Himachal Tourist Guide

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Dalhousie, Chamba, IndiaDalhousie is a hill station full of colonial charm that holds lingering echoes of the Raj. Spread out over five hills. Named after Lord Dalhousie...


Dharamsala, Kangra, HimachalDharamsala is bea- utiful & peaceful town, surrounded by forests of pine. Up there is Suburb of Dharamsala called Macleodganj or Little Lhasa...


Names after Nurjehan, the consort of the Mughal emperor Jehangir, it has an ancient fort and a carved Krishna temple. Lord Krishna temple has the idol that was revered by MiraNurpur is famous today for its fine pashmina shawls and textiles. Nurpur is 66km from Dharamsala. If you like to shop, must visit nurpur for silk cloth and other clothing.

Nurpur in Distt. KangraNurpur is a city and a municipal council in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. It was formerly a Kingdom ruled by the Pathania clan of Rajputs, since the 11th century A.D. The capital of the Kingdom was at Pathankot, now in Punjab. Nurpur is located 66 km from Dharamsala and 24 km from Pathankot. Nurpur city is at an elevation of 643 meters above sea level. Nurpur has a very small population of 9,045 people, according to the 2001 census. In Which Men constitute 52% while the women constitues the remaining 48%. Nurpur is known for its orchards, which grow crops of mango, oranges, leechi and amla. Nurpur is also famous for silk and pashmina shawls. Nurpur also houses the notable poultry farms.


Nurpur was founded in the 11th century by Raja Jhet Pal, who was the younger brother of the ruler of Delhi. It reached its peak during the reign of Raja Basu, from 1580 to 1613, who built an impressive fort that can still be seen today. 

Earlier Nurpur was known with the name of Dhameri. This was changed when it was visited by Queen Nur Jehan, the wife of the Mughal emperor Nuruddin Salim Jahangir, who ruled between 1569 - 1627. According to the local legend, the queen was so impressed by beauty and richness of town that she decided to stay there for the rest of her life. This decision made the local administration worry since the Mughal empire at that time were expanding across India and the local leaders of Dhameri did not want their peaceful town to be a central point for Mughal domination and influenced by external politics. So, to deal with this without offending the queen and suffering the wrath of the Mughal empire, they devised a simple but effective plan. They advised the queen that staying in their town for a long period of time could spoil her great beauty, and that there is also a fictitious local disease in town that might afflict her. This terrified the queen so much that she hurriedly left. So in 1622, the name of the town was changed to Nurpur in honor of the Mughal queen who fell in love with the beauty of the place. Before 1947, Nurpur was a princely state ruled by the Pathania clan of Rajputs. The Pathania Clan (or Tomar / Tanwar clan of Chandravanshi Rajputs) had ruled here for more than eight centuries.


  • Altitude : Varies from 551m - 1250m.
  • Best time to visit : Whole year.
  • Climate : In winter, the temperature can drop to freezing point when heavy woollens are required. During summer, the climate is mild and light woollens/cottons are recommended.


  • Air : Nearest Airport is at Gaggal (in Kangra) - 45km away. Also Jammu Airport (129km away) and Amritsar Airport (134km away) is there.
  • Rail : Nearest Railhead is at Pathankot- 24km away, which is connected by all the major cities.
  • Road : Nurpur is well connected by roads from all sides. Once you reach Pathankot. Nurpur is not far away.


  • The Brij Raj Bihari temple inside the Nurpur fort is a 16th century historical temple of Lord Krishna. It is the only temple in the world, where Lord Krishna and Meera idols (build with black stone) are worshipped. It is said the statue of Lord Krishna was worshipped by Meera, and when Raja of Nurpur went to Chittorgarh he got this statue as a return gift from the Maharana of Chittorgarh. Along with this, Raja also brought a Moulsary (a fruit-bearing plant) sampling and it was dried on way back and it was put to life through Puja and chanting of mantras. This plant has now grown into a huge tree. It flowers, but does not bear any fruit unlike such plants in Rajasthan. The Krishna Temple is now ruined along with the fort but still has some carved relief work on stone. This antique idol of Lord Krishna is still preserved in Brij Raj Temple and worshipped by pilgrims. The lifelike idol of Lord Krishna playing his flute is matchless in its beauty.
  • The Nagni Maata temple, located about 6 km from Nurpur town on Pathankot / Kullu highway, is also very famous. It is unique because water comes from below the temple where the idol of Nagni Maata is placed. People who get snake bite, come to Naagni Maata and simply drinking water and applying the Mitti, get cured completely. The amount of water which flows there is quite sufficient, and there are number of water mills installed for grinding grain.
  • Nurpur Fort, KangraThe Nurpur fort is the main attraction of this small town. Originally built before the 10th century, it was the main seat of the Pathania Kings. It was destroyed partially by the British and the great earthquake which hit this region in April 1905 AD. Even though, the fort is now in ruins, it is still worth visiting, especially for its exquisite relief work. Lots of Tourists come to watch this historical Nurpur Fort.


chamba, himachal
Chamba valley, the most loveliest in Himachal, is known for its scenic attractions, sparkling streams, beautiful lakes and crowned with high mountains ranges...

Kullu Manali

Kullu Manali, Himachal

 Kullu - Manali, A honeymooners place, is gifted with every thing that one can imagine. Kullu "The end of habitable world" and  Manali "Queen of Hills"...



Shimla, Himachal, India

 Shimla a tourist destination. A beautiful hill town in the lap of nature, surrounded by pine and deodar forests. At a distance of 45 km, a prettiest place Solan exists"...