Himachal Tourist Guide

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Dalhousie, Chamba, IndiaDalhousie is a hill station full of colonial charm that holds lingering echoes of the Raj. Spread out over five hills. Named after Lord Dalhousie...


Dharamsala, Kangra, HimachalDharamsala is bea- utiful & peaceful town, surrounded by forests of pine. Up there is Suburb of Dharamsala called Macleodganj or Little Lhasa...

Adventure & Sports in Shimla

Shimla is full of dense populated pine trees and small rivulets, rivers in deep gorges and placid mountains lakes,  mountain sides draped in snow, and green alpine meadows, all form a part of this immense spectrum. And the possibilities for a wide range of adventure activities is enormous. Shimla is also famous for its adventure Sports which thrills and spills. Shimla Adventure Sports gives the participant the taste of a life worth living. Shimla Adventure Sports reminds its aficionados the meaning of life - its thrills and spills.

  • Ice Skating, ShimlaIce Skating Possible in Winter - Shimla's ice-skating rink has the largest open-air area with naturally frozen ice in this part of the world. The Ice Skating Club has already celebrated its Diamond Jubilee. Ice-skating normally begins in early December and carries on to February. Clear skies and low temperatures provide series of uninterrupted sessions.
  • Skiing in ShimlaSkiing Possible in Winter -There are many places in Shimla that offers skiing and tourists flock these places in winters to try out this adventure sport. HPTDC offers ski training courses for novice skiers. There is a range of slopes from a beginner's slope, an advanced slope and a slalom run. Kufri near Shimla is one of the places for skiers to show off their talents. 
    • Kufri : The ski resort which is perhaps the most easily accessible for anyone in northern India is Kufri. Just about 10 km from Shimla, Kufri’s a quiet little town which becomes a busy winter wonderland once the snow starts falling. The Mahasu Ridge, just above Kufri, has some good slopes which are worth a try. This place attracts ski enthusiasts from all over the world during winters
    • Narkanda : 64 km from Shimla is one of India’s oldest ski resorts, Narkanda. Narkanda lies at an altitude of 8,100 ft. The slopes at Narkanda run the gamut from beginner’s to advanced, from slalom to cross-country. Hattu Peak, 6 km from Narkanda, towers 2,000 ft above Narkanda and has popular ski slopes. It is less crowded and the slopes are virtually unexplored which is what makes Narkanda a haven for ardent skiers. Himachal Tourism manages all the skiing facilities at Narkanda. They hire out equipment, conduct training courses, and provide everything from accommodation to transport. The Directorate of Mountaineering and Allied Sports at Manali also plays a part in the skiing at Narkanda; they organize special skiing courses January onwards every year.
  • Trekking in ShimlaTrekking - Trekking is a very exciting adventure sport, where one treks or walks from one mountain incline to another mountain incline. Every mountain slope is distinct from the other, with varying altitude and terrain. The magnificent hills surrounded by snowy peaks are ideal for trekking in Shimla in India. The best way to appreciate the mountains in Shimla is by taking a scenic walk.  Himachal Pradesh Development Corporation (HPTDC) provides guidance, camps, equipments and hospitality services to trekkers. Some popular trekking places around Shimla are:
    • Trekking to Tara Devi temple - This is from Shimla end and the walk starts from Tara Devi station on the national highway 7 kms before Shimla. From this place one has to walk / trek about 4 kilometers to reach the temple. When out walking, it is recommended that you do not wander off the tracks and that you wear sensible, comfortable shoes or sneakers. The meandering foot path to the temple is uphill, through the pinewoods and green meadows, accompanied by the chilly mild wind. Atmosphere of the hill rejuvenates the pilgrims and common tourists visiting this sacred temple.
    • Walk Grade - Easy to medium : May not be suitable for all ages, some steps and inclines; for people who walk occasionally. Distance about 4 kilometers.
    • Chharabra (2,953m) : 13 kms away from Shimla
    • Naldehra (2,044m) : 23 kms from Shimla
    • Narkanda (2,700m) : 64 kms away from Shimla. From here you will find one of the famous treks to Hattu Peak via Sutlej Valley.
  • River Rafting in ShimlaRiver Rafting - The swift flowing rivers of Shimla provides the ideal condition for the river rafting adventure sport. The Sutlej river near Shimla offers exciting river rafting opportunities. River rafting is done on an inflatable rubber dinghy. The sport cannot be conducted during the winter and the monsoons. White water rafting is available on the waters of the river Satluj, near Tattapani. The famous white water rafting place in Shimla is water rafting from Chabba to Tattapani a stretch of 12 km. and two hours river down challenging the rapids of aggressive Sutlej river.
  • Golf, ShimlaGolf - At Naldehra, 23 km. from beyond Shimla is one of the oldest golf courses in India. The course, whose topography is absolutely natural, was originally placed by the British Viceroy of India, Lord Curzon. Naldehra has a century-old par 68, nine hole golf course, which is regarded as one of the most challenging in the country. 
  • Para Gliding - HPTDC offers training programs for Para Gliding. The open and clean sky of Shimla offers ideal condition for para gliders. The sport is a mix of skydiving and hang gliding. 
  • Mountain Cycling - Mountain cycling has developed very fast as an adventure sport in Shimla in recent times. A specialist mountain bike is required. Mountain cycling requires mind, muscle and stamina.
  • Heli-Skiing - Heli-Skiing offers the highest thrills for high mountain skills. A helicopter carries the skier to a snow capped mountain peak. Then the sports person skis down the slope. The heli-skiing area is very compact in Shimla.


chamba, himachal
Chamba valley, the most loveliest in Himachal, is known for its scenic attractions, sparkling streams, beautiful lakes and crowned with high mountains ranges...

Kullu Manali

Kullu Manali, Himachal

 Kullu - Manali, A honeymooners place, is gifted with every thing that one can imagine. Kullu "The end of habitable world" and  Manali "Queen of Hills"...



Shimla, Himachal, India

 Shimla a tourist destination. A beautiful hill town in the lap of nature, surrounded by pine and deodar forests. At a distance of 45 km, a prettiest place Solan exists"...


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