Himachal Tourist Guide

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Dalhousie, Chamba, IndiaDalhousie is a hill station full of colonial charm that holds lingering echoes of the Raj. Spread out over five hills. Named after Lord Dalhousie...


Dharamsala, Kangra, HimachalDharamsala is bea- utiful & peaceful town, surrounded by forests of pine. Up there is Suburb of Dharamsala called Macleodganj or Little Lhasa...

Accommodation in Mcleodganj

  • Aakash Guest House, Jogiwara Road, McleodGanj, 01892- 221990 (Excellent Hotel, A Perfect Stay, Really True value for Money)
  • Annex Hotel, 10 room hotel, in the heart of Mcleod Ganj with beautiful views and minutes away from the Dalai Lama's residence and temple. Facilities : 1 window in a standard room, 2 windows & seperate sitting area in Delux room. Hot/Cold Shower, Cable TV & balcony in every room. 01892-221002 / 220814
  • Ashiana Guest House, ForsythGanj 01892-221276
  • Bhagsu Hotel HPTDC, McleodGanj 01892-221091 (HPTDC Hotel)
  • Cheryton Cottage, McleodGanj 01892-221993 (A curious octagonal building in the garden behind Chocolate Log. Good rooms come with the all the essential conveniences and the outdoor space.)
  • Chinar Lodge, McleodGanj 01892-221767-327 (Near Dalai Lama Temple Complex - Family & Child Friendly Environment, also perfect for those having difficulties in walking.)
  • Chonor House, McleodGanj 01892-221006 (Heritage Hotel with Modern Comforts. Chonor House is a veritable gem. It's run by the Norbulingka Institute, and rooms are decked out with its wonderful handicrafts and fabrics.)
  • Club House HPTDC, McleodGanj 01892-220834 (HPTDC Hotel)
  • Dreamland Guest House, McleodGanj 01892-221490
  • Ekant Lodge, McleodGanj 01892-221593
  • Freedom Palace, McleodGanj 01892-220378
  • Friends Cornor, McleodGanj 01892-221333
  • Glenmoor Cottages, McleodGanj 01892-221010
  • Green Hotel, McleodGanj 01892-221200 (Very Clean, Good Vegeterian Food, Laundry services etc)
  • Him View Hotel, J.Rd., McleodGanj 01892-
  • Him Queen Hotel, McleodGanj 01892-221861-1184
  • Himalaya Guest House, McleodGanj 01892-221223
  • India House Hotel, McleodGanj 01892-221144 (A bright, Modern hotel very close to the bus stand. With Deluxe Rooms you get a tub and balcony.)
  • Kailash Hotel, McleodGanj 01892-221044
  • Kailwood Guest House, McleodGanj 01892-221408
  • Kalsang Guest House, McleodGanj 01892-221709 (Kalsang has a huge front terrace for reading and relaxing. Rooms are spartan but clean and the place is often full.)
  • Kareri Lodge, McleodGanj 01892-221132 (Just uphill from the chorten, with a nice mood and well-cared-for rooms. Management is friendly and there are good views from the upper floor.)
  • Kongpo Guest House, McleodGanj 01892-221086
  • Krishna Guest House, Temple Road, McleodGanj 01892-220327
  • Kunga Guest House, McleodGanj 01892-221180
  • Ladies Venture, Jogiwara Road, McleodGanj 01892-221559 (Get good things on a reasonable price)
  • Lhasa Guest House, Bus Stand, McleodGanj 01892-221824
  • Loling Guest House, TIPA Road, McleodGanj 01892-221072
  • Losseling Guest House, Main Baazar, McleodGanj 01892- ( Loseling is run by a Tibetan monastery based in Karnataka. It's a good cheapie and all rooms have a hot shower.)
  • Lotus Leaf, Jogiwara Road, McleodGanj 01892-221411
  • Mount View Hotel, Jogiwara Road, McleodGanj 01892-221382  (A tidy Kashmiri-run hotel offering a range of good rooms, some with balconies facing the town or ridge. The owners run tours to Pahalgam in Kashmir but check things are safe before signing up.)
  • Namgyal Guest House, McleodGanj 01892-221200
  • Namtso Guest House, McleodGanj 01892-221415
  • Natraj Holiday Resort, McleodGanj 01892-221529
  • Om Hotel, Below Kailash Hotel, McleodGanj 01892-221322
  • Paljor Ghakyil Guest House 01892-221343
  • Pema Thang Guest House 01892-221871 (A tasteful Tibetan-style guesthouse, with a great restaurant and spacious, well-lit rooms with comforting, homely furnishings)
  • Rajindra PGH ForsythGanj 01892-221562
  • Seven Hills Guest House, McleodGanj 01892-221580
  • Shangrilla Guest House, McleodGanj 01892-221161
  • Shiwalik Guest House, McleodGanj 01892-221326
  • Shree Guest House, McleodGanj 9418317467
  • Snow Line, McleodGanj 01892-221289
  • Snow Palace, McleodGanj 01892-221291
  • Surya Resort, McleodGanj 01892-221418-20
  • Takhiyal Guest House, McleodGanj 01892-221332 (Tibetan-styled hotel)
  • Tara Guest House, McleodGanj 01892-221181
  • Tashi Khangsar Lodge, McleodGanj 01892-221026
  • Tenwang Guest House, McleodGanj 01892-221240
  • Tibet Hotel, Bhasgu Road, McleodGanj 01892-221587 (Great tibetan friendliness - home away from home)
  • Tibetan Ashoka Guest House, McleodGanj 01892-221763 (Consists of two interlocked buildings full of clean, simple rooms, some sneaking a view of the valley or mountains.)
  • Yellow Guest House, McleodGanj 01892-221754 (Simple but nice and clean - great price value)
  • Yonten Guest House, McleodGanj 01892-221509 ZKL
  • Guest House, McleodGanj 01892-221581
  • Pause Dwelling 01892-221035


chamba, himachal
Chamba valley, the most loveliest in Himachal, is known for its scenic attractions, sparkling streams, beautiful lakes and crowned with high mountains ranges...

Kullu Manali

Kullu Manali, Himachal

 Kullu - Manali, A honeymooners place, is gifted with every thing that one can imagine. Kullu "The end of habitable world" and  Manali "Queen of Hills"...



Shimla, Himachal, India

 Shimla a tourist destination. A beautiful hill town in the lap of nature, surrounded by pine and deodar forests. At a distance of 45 km, a prettiest place Solan exists"...


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